Bomberman 1.0.5

Old school gameplay and graphics


  • Classic gameplay
  • Two game modes
  • Simple controls


  • Dated graphics


Bomberman is a two mode game for Java devices.

Using the classic Bomberman gameplay, players have to use bombs to destroy walls and monsters that roam around the map. With in-game bonuses, players can increase the range of their bombs and add different effects to the bombs.

The visuals of Bomberman recreate the old 8-bit graphics so it is not going to impress in any way. The controls are a little slow and the response of the game can get frustrating. The simplistic style of the game does not require much finesse, but since Bomberman retains the gameplay, it fits very well.

Fans of old generation games will enjoy the nostalgic tone of Bomberman, but newer players might find the experience too clunky.

Bomberman is a faithful recreation of the classic game.



Bomberman 1.0.5

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